About Us

Clan Destiny Circus, based in Asheville NC, is a group of circus artists, dancers, musicians, and visual artists, who come together to create new works of circus theatre. Not content with the more traditional vaudeville and variety show style of circus, Clan Destiny aims to use circus as a medium for stories that are socially relevant, inspirational, and meaningful to modern audiences. Clan Destiny Circus was formed in early 2011 by members of the Surreal Sirkus, Dreamtime Circus, the Runaway Circus’ Loose Caboose troupe, Baraka Mundi, Accidental Circus, Logos, and other local, regional and national performance troupes and acts. Clan Destiny is a part of the “Department of Circus Arts” performance group, a collective of circus artists, dancers, musicians, and visual artists, that have come together to create a tight-knit performance group that can perform Circus shows with a variety of flavors and stylizations: children’s entertainment, live music concerts that feature performance art, family entertainment, edgy avant-garde performance art, thought-provoking Circus Theatre, exhilarating fire performance, and acrobatic dance. Based in Asheville NC, Clan Destiny aims to promote the region as a hub of creative circus activity, by providing world-class performance, and participating in teaching circus arts to children of all ages.