What can Clan Destiny Circus do for your event?

The Clan Destiny Circus experience can be summed up in three concepts: co-creation, workshops, and performance.  All of these elements combine to make a powerful circus experience that will enhance any event.

Image courtesy of LEAF, taken during previous LEAF performance

Image courtesy of LEAF, taken during previous LEAF performance

ACROBATIC THEATRE: Clan Destiny Circus practices the art of improvisational acrobatic theater. Using only our own bodies, a few props, and the arts of mime and dance we can perform almost anywhere. This allows us to roam around and perform circus vignettes, which not only entertains but attracts and retains audiences at events.  The art of Acrobatic Theater also allows us adaptability so we can specifically tailor our acts to express ideas and promote messages appropriate to the event.

EVENT CO-CREATION: Clan Destiny is not just a performance troupe but an active participant in many of the events we appear at. We arrive before the event. The members of Clan Destiny Circus are designers, decorators, costumers, carpenters, electricians, coordinators, stage managers, and more. We have years of experience in event production. This not only allows us to connect with the organizers and other participants, but also allows us to select and determine which areas would be the safest and best possible spaces for our workshops and performances.

WORKSHOPS: Clan Destiny Circus is dedicated to the principle of sharing our skills. It is one of our most deeply held beliefs that everyone should have access to the benefits of our art forms. To accomplish this we offer several workshops in the circus arts, including flow arts, acrobalance, and aerial apparatus. We can provide all specialty equipment and setup of both our stage shows and workshops.

ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE OFFERINGS: Clan Destiny Circus offers multiple performance offerings, which means that  producers can get “more bang for their buck,” by offering multiple stage shows and performances for a lower priced package deal. Some of these additional performance troupe offerings are:

  • Our children’s circus project has can be educational, just plain fun, or both! Many of our circus artists have been dedicated to creating youth programming promoting good health and living through circus arts. Our youth programming includes interactive stage shows, workshops, parties, in-school and after school programs for a variety of age groups, camps, and more. Our programs are designed for all levels and ages and to give the best possible circus experience to the public.
  • Our fire performance troupe has an impeccable safety record and our fire artistry has been “wowing” audiences in the SouthEast for over a decade. We provide one-of-a-kind performance that blends theater with fire arts from around the globe. Each stunning show tells a story that is woven with fire and enhanced by expert choreography and costuming.
  • Our Acrobatic Dance Ensemble performs as part of our shows and provides edgy, “cirque nouveau” style performance, incorporating blacklight, video projections, and other innovative material.
  • Our vaudeville projects brings the best of burlesque, cabaret, circus sideshow and vaudeville to the stage, delivering a performance to tantalize the senses in a way you have never known before!  With experienced performers from many different genres the troupe explores the sultry side of the American stage.

Clan Destiny Circus offers a complete circus experience. Each area of our involvement with an event enhances and compliments the others. It allows for an added dimension, a deeper experience, a richer and more unique event that has the power to truly enhance people’s lives.

What can Clan Destiny Circus do for your event?

Whatever you need it to.




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